We cover the full development cycle in order to deliver in budget and in time high quality software applications: Analysis and design (requirements engineering, business and functional analysis, architecture and software design), software development, testing and quality assurance, delivery and implementation (delivery, installation, acceptance testing, training, technical assistance), maintenance and technical support and project management.
Our software technology expertise allows us to offer you custom software development services such as: new application development (including integration with existing applications), migration on newer technologies or creating a mobile version for existing applications and Customization, maintenance and technical support for existing applications.

We always align the project goals, including timelines, with the business goals to ensure that the business needs are fully covered. We are using the best suited management and software development methodologies for your projects, in order to deliver what you need in time, on budget and at high quality. We develop and deliver agile (iterative and incremental).
We design and build robust custom made software solutions using agile methodologies, latest JEE-compliant frameworks, SQL and NoSQL databases and HTML5 / native mobile UIs.

Since the software development is often unpredictable and we have adapt to changes in every stage of the development process we decided that agile software development methodology fits us best, and so we have a continuous delivery process:

  • We split the project into small stories, each story being evaluate and prioritize.
  • We start with the stories that have higher priority. We ask you questions, gather requirements or do mockups and then review. When this is finished we start coding.
  • The story is finished only after your feedback and your acceptance. This is the step where we do changes to the story, if needed. After one story is accepted we pick the next one from the list and the process continues until all stories are covered.

We have a fixed-price (for fixed-scope project) or flexible time & materials option (or a combination of them if needed) in order to respond to your operational and financial objectives.
  • Requires very clear and measurable requirements definition and change management protocol.
  • We deliver a set of functionality, pre-defined in the requirements stage of the project, in an agreed time frame.
Flexible time & materials:
  • Better suited for projects where requirements are likely to change or are not entirely known.
  • We have a dedicated team assigned to work exclusively on the projects.
Working with us means working with highly-educated, experienced, client focused and enthusiastic people. For any information please send us an email to sales@neatshape.com.