Identify business needs, provide solutions to answer these needs, offer the right tools for an agile implementation of the selected solution and provide the needed documentation to implement the solution.

Help in any phase of the requirements process: identification, analysis, negotiation, specification, modeling and validation. We can also help at managing the requirements changes as the system is build or used. We can help your team know the requirements of all stakeholders, understand the project from the business point of view and develop a product that has the right functionalities for its users
From the business point of view we can help you reduce development and maintenance time and costs, improve efficiency and increase usability by having users that find their required functionality implemented.

One scenario where we can offer our skills is the one in which you need to develop a custom solution for your company. We can be involved, alone or together with your analysts, in activities such as business model analysis (finding areas that can be improved or needs that are not covered), offer several solutions for your needs and create specifications for the selected solution.

We have a fixed-price (for fixed-scope project) or flexible time & materials option (or a combination of them if needed) in order to respond to your operational and financial objectives.
Working with us means working with highly-educated, experienced, client focused and enthusiastic people. For any information please send us an email to sales@neatshape.com.