NEATSHAPE is a private company, founded by a core team of technology specialists, which offers Software-as-a-Service solutions, custom software development solutions and software related services.

We are a quality oriented company who focuses on the client needs and goals.

Our holistic approach to software development is based on working with clients to build a viable and profitable product that has high adoption rate and delivers results.


We create the software you need to deliver better results.

We have solid consulting experience, which enables us to help you evaluate your software needs and align your IT strategy with business goals and resources.

We provide the skills and accountability in order to deliver software applications and software related services on time and on budget.


Help customers build the software solutions they NEED.

Always try to EVOLVE, as the technology does, through our people and helping our customers to do this as well.

We are ACCOUNTABLE for everything we do.

It’s all about the TEAM. There will always be a team assign to a project, we don’t believe in individuals working independent on projects.

Software development is a SCIENCE, it’s about analysis, research, testing and not about guessing and hoping it’s going to be fine.

We strongly believe that HONESTY it’s the only way to do business and building long lasting partnerships with our customers. We shall never start a project unless we know that we can successfully implement it (on time, within the budget and with the right functionalities).

We have the knowledge and expertise to come up with solutions that bring ADDED VALUE to your business.

Our software is built for PEOPLE. People who feel valued and have the appropriate software tools to be efficient are capable to deliver high quality results.

Always build software that is EASY TO USE.