While in office we will try to build a friendly environment for stimulating your best thinking and your creativity. If we are not there maybe you can help us. We are always trying to improve our work environment, as we do with our products and services, so if you have an idea or an opinion just speak out. We are expecting you to have ideas and opinions. Together we will analyze it and if it makes sense we will implement it.


Team is the strongest word and people are the most valuable assets.

Hire and retain smart, creative people that enjoy building great software.

We will always challenge you to grow.


Together we build your development plan on the path that you desire the most.

We are doing on-site training and send you to periodical/on-demand trainings.

We advocate learning and usage of new technologies.


As long as the tasks are done as planned you are free to choose your schedule.

It’s OK to work from home if you can’t make it to the office in some days.

We will provide you all the necessary hardware and software for a great working experience.

One Friday a month we all get together to review what we manage to accomplish since our last meeting. We will try to make it short and have the rest of the afternoon for team hangout.