We believe that a description of the software architecture is essential for any type of project. Whether you want to build a new software solution or update an existing one we can help you find the answers to questions like:

  • What does the solution really do? How does it work?
  • Which are the main process and information flows?
  • What constraints do you have?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to implement the software solution?
  • Which are the significant functional requirements and why?
  • What is the approach for security and audit?
  • How it would grade in terms of performance, availability and scalability?
  • What is the approach for back-ups, recovery and maintainability?
  • How will you manage and monitor the solution?
  • How the new functionality will work together with the existing ones?

We have a fixed-price (for fixed-scope project) or flexible time & materials option (or a combination of them if needed) in order to respond to your operational and financial objectives.
Working with us means working with highly-educated, experienced, client focused and enthusiastic people. For any information please send us an email to sales@neatshape.com.